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Helplift Network
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Integrated Network

Linking of services, products and resources of givers to the needy 


We inspire and enable people to help people


Our story began on a Wednesday when the Dr, a member of the life-changing group, Helplift (, agreed to meet with Shelton (free of charge!) for a consultation due to the fact that he was born with a, in layman’s terms; skewed head. His mother and teachers were concerned about his future development.  After 6 hours in theatre, our miracle child emerged with a beautifully formed head – now filled with dreams of becoming a doctor himself! Thank you, thank you, thank you three times over – you have restored not only this child’s dignity ensuring that his brain may continue to develop naturally, but also broadened his horizons. To all involved, you are our Dream Team!

Helplift - Tandaarts se hulp word waardeer

“Ek wil nou eerlikwaar se dis die beste tandarts by wie ek nog was in my lewe. Ek wil ook verseker by hom bly vorentoe. Wens ek het al lankal by hom uitgekom. So dra ook van jou kant my dank en waardering oor asb. Baie tevrede pasient hier.  Beste wense vir jou en met jou werksaamhede”.

Jy het ook 'n gawe of talent ontvang waarmee jy iemand anders in nood kan bedien. Kontak ons by (012) 997 8097 / en ons vertel jou meer

A Cake can make the world a better place

The residents from Kungwini received a beautiful cake donation for birthdays celebration. Thank You to a Helplift Giver giving her time and talent to make a difference!

To find out how and where you could get involved using your own unique skills and talents to serve others in need in your Community contact us at: 012 997 8097 or

Thanks for the operation


My name is “A “ from SA Cares for Life. I regard myself as privileged and give many thanks to Help Lift Network for making it possible for people like us to be able to be medically cared for. I have encountered two consultations with the lovely Doctor, who has been so kind and gave me the same attention as the rest of her other patients regardless of me being a helplift patient. My experience with Helplift has been amazing as I have been accommodated for even in short notices, an appointment with the Doctor is usually made quickly. Help lift is so giving, reliable and convenient to each and every one.  I am so thankful for the set up that you have placed in helping the needy in the Community. HelpLift has saved my life a couple of times and surely more other people and I ask the Lord Almighty to bless you as you have blessed others with a will for Good Health.  Thank you so much to the Directors, All the Doctors, Sponsors and the HelpLift team for your generosity in making an immediate difference in the lives of many in the Community.  

Kinders by skool vir gestremdes kan nou makliker beweeg

Een van die Helplift Netwerk se Gewers by Moreletapark Gemeente maak ‘n verskil by ‘n skool vir gestremde leerders in Pretoria!   Daar word vir die skool ‘n paadjie gebou sodat die leerders met gestremdhede makliker orals kan beweeg met rolstoele ens.   Jy kan ook ‘n verskil maak met jou vaardighede, talente en gawes. Om uit te vind hoe jy betrokke kan raak kontak El-Jean: (012) 997 8097 / / www.

Thank you for the cataract surgery

“I just want to convey my heartfelt gratitude for so kindly referring me for the cataract surgery I so desperately needed.  I was completely overwhelmed by the professional and compassionate treatment I received at the day hospital. The staff and doctors were absolutely geared to doing their very best for us! My experience was calm, organised and friendly. From sandwiches for my waiting husband to a warm blanket whilst waiting for pre-theatre, nothing was too much to give me the best welcome and care.  Follow up visit at rooms and a call from Helplift was very much appreciated.  I am able to see so much better now than I have done in many years and need only use reader spectacles for close-up work. What a wonderful privilege to know that if I take care of my eyes, I will see very well for many years to come. Now I can do my work and be able to read again is a tremendous relief! I can be more actively engaged in my two foster-daughters’ schooling and enjoy doing needlework, computer activities and writing with them. Again, many thanks to everyone involved; Help-Lift, the Hospital, hospital staff and especially the Dr that did my eye operation, (and anyone else I may have missed) who gave me back my sight in such a generous way. God bless you all”

OM is greatful for help received

Thank you for the wonderful work that you do at Helplift intending to our medical needs.  Thank you for your willingness to help and for your quick responses.  My appointment with the doctor this morning was such a pleasant experience. She is such a warm, loving gentle soul that makes you feel comfortable.   She examined my foot to see if there was any glass.   There is no glass in the foot but glass caused damage to the nerve. A ball has formed between 1st and 2nd Metatarsal and that is what is causing the pain when I walk.  She has referred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon who will determine if this ball needs to be removed surgically.  Once again, thank you for the way in which you bless me every time I need medical help.  May God bless you!

Hearing aids for student

Thank you for the hearing aids.  I am currently doing my practicals for my higher Diploma in chemical engineering.  Previously I was manning the gate at the school.  The hearing aids gave me the opportunity to further my studies and to follow the instructions in a group, which was previously not possible.  It has helped me to fulfil my dreams.  Previously people use to call me "OUI", which means Yes in French because when people said something to me I would say "OUI" because I could not hear them.  Now I trust they will call me Mr Yes because I respond immediately!

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Our passion for our community

Helplift Vanderbijlpark has regular meetings to coordinate efforts, synchronise community resources and to cooperate in developing the community.

Baie komberse met liefde gemaak

Mense van die Vaal Driehoek het so baie gehelp met hekel van blokke en vaswerk om enkelbed komberse te maak.  Loof die Here, want Hy is goed.  Helplift Netwerk VAAL Driehoek

Liefde maak die verskil

NG Kerk Driehoek se Helpliftspan verpak klere wat ontvang is met groot liefde. Daar word sorgvuldig boekgehou van alle soorte en groottes op 'n gerekenaardiseerde datastelsel. Dit stel die spanlede instaat om te alle tye te weet wat in die stoor is en dit vergemaklik ook die vinnige uitreik van die klere aan behoeftiges. Die liefde van Christus word ook saam met elke pakkie klere aan die behoeftiges meegedeel.

Elkeen kan die lewe vir ander beter maak

Die Helplift konsep bemagtig gemeentes en organisasies om alle mense in die gemeenskap, prakties en op 'n effektiewe wyse, met liefde en deernis te kan dien. Niemand is uitgesluit nie!  Om vir mekaar om te gee is wat die lewe mooi en betekenisvol maak.   Ons sal ook vir jou help om in jou omgewing 'n Helplift Netwerk te begin.  Skakel gerus vir Lenette Kruger vir meer inligting. +27 84 5055777

Driehoek help organisasies om selfonderhoudend te wees

Helplift Driehoek se span kyk hoe mooi die groente groei wat hulle aan Emfuleni Deurgangshuis geskenk het.  Mica het ook mildelik bygedra aan kompos en ander toerusting.  Een van Helplift se doelstellings is om individue en organisasies te help en te bemagtig om selfonderhoudend te wees.

Helplift groei in die Vaal Driehoek

Die oorsprong van HELPLIFT NETWERK VAAL DRIEHOEK was vanuit NG Kerk Driehoek wat sedert Sept 2013 ontstaan het. Die hoeveelheid skenkers en skenkings wat slegs uit NG Kerk Driehoek ontvang is was so oorweldigiend dat gou besef is dat daar ‘n oorvloed gawes en skenkers is wat nie deur die lidmate van NG Kerk Driehoek benut kan word nie. Met die uitreik na ander geloofsdenominasies en ander sektore is gou besef dat ‘n interkerklike nie-winsgewende organisasie ‘n groter impak op die breër gemeenskap sou hê.  Sedert NG Kerk Driehoek, 30 maande gelede begin het, is dienste en produkte  ook deur ander geloofsgemeenskappe begin lewer. ‘n Geraamde geldwaarde van ongeveer R1,5 miljoen is altesaam deur die verskillende gemeentes en Helplift Netwerk Vaal Driehoek geadministreer. Twintig geloofsgemeenskappe het op verskillende wyses betrokke geraak.  Agt en twintig Welsynsorganisasies, 1 Diensorganisasie en 3 ontvangers - geloofsgemeenskappe is al deur Helplift Netwerk gehelp. Honderd en een Profesionele en ander vrywilligers bied hul dienste reeds aan. Sewe Skole en drie kleuterskole is by die Netwerk betrek.  Lenette Kruger - Driehoek gemeente

Hulpverlening aan gesin in Vanderbijlpark

Helplift se mense help orals, onder andere met klere by die tweede huis wat in Wagnerstraat gebrand het. Foto van CSF Vdbp.    Hande en voete van Jesus as 'n leefstyl van deernis.  Helplift Vaal Driehoek  

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Ons help mense en organisasies in ons gemeenskap

Dankie vir almal se ondersteuning. Ons karwagte was baie dankbaar vir hul lekker braaivleis en slaaie. Dankie aan die publiek wat ons so goed ondersteun het met boereworsrolle en pannekoeke. Dankie vir die Helplift span vir jul harde werk en ook vir Gerhard Maree van CPF en Vickie Maree vir jul harde werk. Dankie Gerhard Grobler dat ons voor jou Apteek ons projek kon laat plaasvind. Ons waardeer dit opreg. Vir P&F slaghuis weereens baie dankie vir die gehalte boerewors en sosaties. Julle is puik. Midvaal stadsraad dankie vir jul toestemming dat ons vanoggend in die straat kon braai en pannekoeke bak. Linda Lemley ons is trots op jou en jou span. Mag ons nog lank vriende met jul wees.

Bejaardes help hul gemeenskap

Die Senior Klub van Meyerton het geld ingesamel en die kinders van Deo Gracia kinderhuis elkeen met n kombers bederf. Baie dankie Sarie Louw en haar kokende seniors vir jul ruim bydrae.

Kersfees is 'n geleentheid om dankie te sê

Helplift Meyerton het vanoggend by Netcare 911 en SAPS en Brandweer heerlike eetgoed afgelaai om ons dank te betoon dat hul op Kersdag werk en ons heerlik met families kuier. Die vreugde was baie groot. Ek moes eintlik n video geneem het by Brandweer. Die man regs van my het omtrent sy vreugde betoon met hiep hiep horey ai ek het kliphard gelag. Dankie aan elkeen van die 6 gemeentes wat by Helplift betrokke is en die liefdesdaad moontlik gemaak het. Geseende Kersdag vir elkeen op die groep. Mag jul Jesus se Liefde elke dag ervaar en uitleef

Helplift Meyerton ondersteun die wat ander help

Vanoggend kon ons vir Agnes gaan bederf het met lekker baie kruideniersware vir die komende vakansie vir haar 24 kiddies. Dankie Isabel dat jul dit moontlik gemaak het. Ons gaan ook vir hul n kersboom reël.— with Marie Coetzee and Charlene Theron. Helplift Meyerton

Nooit the oud om te help nie

NG Welsyn bedank 92 jarige Andries Van Tonder vir die laai wat hy by hul kantore reggemaak het. Andries is 'n vrywilliger wat daarvan hou om selfs nou op 92 jarige ouderdom allerhande herstelwerkies vir andere te doen. Dit wat hy as klein werkie beskou het maak 'n reuse verskil in die allerdaagse bedrywighede by NG Welsyn se kantore. Andries is deur NG Driehoek se HELPLIFT NETWERK aan NG Welsyn voorgestel.

Huis Meyerton se bejaardes beleef liefde en omgee

Helplift dames Drienie Naude, Petro o Kelly,Charlene Theron en Melanie Eckard en Rienie Venter het 80 liter sop geskenk en Ella Jacobs het 10 dosyn broodrolle geskenk. Ook het ons bydraes ontvang om 34bejaardes te bederf om die aand te gaan geniet. Dit sluit bedleendes in. Weereens dankie span jul is amazing!

Matrasse vir Hospice

Helplift het skenking van Eggshell Matrasse gekry en dit vir Huis Meyerton en Wide Horison Hospice geskenk.od bless you!

Meyerton gemeenskap beleef God se Liefde

Almal werk saam om nood in die Meyerton geneenskap aan te spreek. Daarom het Helplift Meyerton 'n feesgeleentheid gehou om hul samewerking as kerke en organisasies te vier en aan die Here eer te gee vir Sy liefde! Dit was 'n wonderlike ervaring om te beleef hoe gelowiges hul liefde vir Jesus en mekaar "celebrate"! Ons droom dat alle gemeenskappe in SA so sal begin LEEF. Begin vandag 'n Helplift Netwerk in jou gemeenskap. HELP people - LIFT the community!

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